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★ I’m Edward, a specialist virtual digital marketing assistant

I support my clients in successfully growing leads & sales..

..with highly focused facebook advertising, landing page, chatbot & email marketing sales funnels
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Work with me

Marketing made easy – no more need to spend time researching, learning & trying to implement complex such strategies such as SEO in isolation.
Marketing made personal – I work with a smaller volume of quality clients, taking the time to really get to know their motivations, pain points, aspirations & goals.

Have you ever?

...wished that there was support available in the form of an all-in-one 'done -for -you ' solution

that's is highly targeted, effective & affordable ( leaving you time to focus on your core business).

...felt inspired to launch your new product or service with a new digital marketing campaign

but ran out of time to really follow through and elevate to the next level?

...tried to get more web traffic, leads and sales

but have been left unsure of the real impact your efforts are making?
Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Desk
Digital Marketing Virtual Assistant Spark

Imagine having..

➟ An active customer base grown & nurtured for you..

..who is captivated by the relevant & useful content you provide.

➟ That find can locate & interact with you easily online..

..that you consistently & successfully engage via email & social media.

➟ That will go on to be repeat customers..

..& brand ambassadors. ★

✓ Key benefits of working with me

➟ VIP support - End isolation with personal, inspired & dedicated digital marketing assistance that is built upon a depth understanding of your product & goals.

Expect a consistently swift response ( no more chasing up that elusive web designer). Indulge your creative passion with unlimited web redesigns, features added, digital assets created, blog posts written & landing pages designed on your behalf.

➟ Have marketing done for you.

Be released from the chore of researching, planning, producing & sharing content so that you can focus on what you love doing the most.

➟ Experience an influx of new leads, customers & sales acquired on your behalf.

A result of fully planned, structured, optimized & automated conversion funnels being built & maintained for you.

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Customer Value Optimization

Start Successfully converting website visitors into customers

Every business needs a well planned & structured sales conversion funnel...

Start increasing sales by understanding & providing what your target customer is seeking at each stage of the engagement process.

I will create a fully optimized conversion funnel for your product or service..

..that will walk your potential customers through the journey to conversion, successfully engaging them at every step.
Crafting Of Core Value Proposition
Determining Of Core offer
Landing Page Design
Crafting Of Tripwire Offers
Determining Product/Market Fit
Blog Content Creation
Opt-In forms Design
Crafting Of Upsell Offers
Customer Persona Creation
Lead Magnet Creation 
Thank You Page Creation 
Crafting Of Email Engagement Series
Fully Integrated Digital Marketing Graphic

Fully Integrated Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is one of the most complex & time-consuming activities..

.. that business are obliged to sustain to compete in the contemporary marketplace.

I integrate separate marketing processes into a broad & effective strategy.

For example, blog content is written with optimized headlines for email click-through rate & search marketing as key considerations.
Direct Response Copywriting
Email Marketing
Facebook Advertising 
Search Engine Optimization
Content Marketing
Paid Search Marketing
Local SEO
Social Media Marketing
Market Research

Managed Web Presence

I help business owners create a simplicity & clarity of web presence that drives conversions..

..with websites that are fast, responsive, on-trend and easy to update.

I typically the WordPress CMS with its excellent array of premium themes and plugins.


To achieve high conversion rates, delighted visitors & maximised social sharing.

Managed Web Presence Graphic
Custom/Responsive design
Ongoing Maintenance & Care
Theme Changes 
Theme Adaptation
Unlimited Revisions 
Domain Email
New Features Added
Site Migrations
App  Integrations

Implementing Edward’s advised update to a brand new font & larger size invigorated my website, making it much more accessible to my core audience. Having a fresh perspective was hugely valuable.

Kate HarengPO - Life Magazine & Website

He kept me involved throughout the process and was open to any suggestions and ideas that I had. I would not hesitate to use him again and I would recommend him to anyone wanting to take the next step to having a website that they can be proud of. Well done Ed, Thank you
Julie The Old Cafe

Julie Bennet Ballantyne